HQ HYLMAN’s mission is to be the first virtual Headquarters of a company in the 21st century, leading the global industry towards this revolution to make everything, and everyone, connected at all times while maintaining the need to see and feel each other, at the same time preserving the environment and contributing to reduce any negative effects, whatsoever the size, that may ripple in contribution towards saving a plant, animal, tree, sea or a full habitat.

Our Vision

“We believe in change. Many people say that, but not everyone actions on it. Change forces new ideas. New ideas force change. In this infinite loop, we are only pawns with the mere ability to either hop on or off. If we’re off, it ends right there. If we’re on, Sky’s the limit.”

- Hassan Al-Shama, CEO


Meet, work and collaborate
See and feel the world
Work in reality, connect virtually
Work virtually, connect in reality

It is about time to get an exceptional futuristic experience in supporting your goals.

It is time for change.

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With fully dedicated teams at every service line worldwide, we are always there to support your need.

Manually vetted and selected for every mobilisation and project engagement, our delivery teams will find the best approach to support your needs with a diverse, out of the box, determined, and motivated thinking that will stop at nothing until you are fully optimized.

We believe that real, sustained change is not only necessary, but possible, and that true leadership extends beyond the walls of the workplace – improving individuals, families, communities and, ultimately, society. We’ve seen it with our clients. We live it ourselves.


We help companies scale their strategic and operational capacities

We are committed to sustainable, inclusive, and optimal growth of your business.

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