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Set up a Meta

There are multiple ways to set up your account, whether through Facebook, Instagram or email. Simply go to meta.com/setup to get started.

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Download the
Hylman HQ App

After setting up your account and accessing you VR device, you can now proceed to search for “Hylman HQ” and download the app. You can do so either directly from the store on your VR device, or through the Meta Quest Store mobile app that is connected to your VR device, found in iOS or Android.

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Log in and Experience
Hylman HQ

Sign up/log in to your Hylman HQ account, and experience the digital architectural marvel of working with Hylman Global.

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How to

Navigate in Hylman HQtt



If you already have an account, simply login. If you are a guest and new to Hylman HQ, click on continue as guest, fill the form with your information, and proceed to check us out as a guest.


Select an

After logging in, you’ll have to select an avatar that resembles you most! Feel free to scroll and identify the most appealing one to you.



You can now experience Hylman HQ, meet others, and collaborate.

how to

schedule meetings?

In Hylman HQ VR APP

easy steps

Schedule a

In order to schedule a meeting, you will have to request a meeting. This is done by clicking on Request New Meeting, and filling out the information on the page. This request will then be sent to Hylman HQ Admin for approval, until then it will show a “pending” status under “Meeting Requests”. After approval it will then change its status to “Accepted” and move to “Scheduled”, and you will be notified by email.

Meetings invites

When you receive an invitation to a meeting, you will be notified by email and it will show up under “Meeting Invites” pending your reaction to it to “Accept”, “Decline”, “Maybe”, or “Propose new date”. Any reaction you would choose will notify the meeting host. If you choose “Accept” or “Maybe”, it will then move to the category of “Scheduled”. If you choose “Decline”, it will show under “Declined Meetings”. If you choose “Propose new date” and choose a specific date/time, it will inform the host of this request and should they choose to accept that change, it will move to that date and your status will automatically be “Accepted”.

Scheduled, History,
and All

All scheduled meetings that you have chosen to attend, whether by “Accept” or “Maybe”, they will move here. The status of any meeting under “Scheduled” can be changed up until the meeting’s commencement. Once a meeting has been concluded, it will move to “History”. All meetings scheduled, whether by you or others, under any status, will show under “All..

Attending meetings

Attending meetings can’t be any easier. Before the meeting commences, there will be several reminders sent by email to the attendees to keep them informed and aware of the meeting. Upon the time of the meeting commencement, and given that you have chosen “Accept” or “Maybe” to the meeting, you simply need to be logged in with your account at the Hylman HQ app through your VR device, and when the time of meeting kicks off you will be automatically redirected to the meeting room, along with all other meeting attendees, up until the end time of the meeting. After concluding the meeting, you will be automatically redirected back to the main HQ building.

Our commitment

to the real-life experience

Realtime experiences

Giving you the realtime experience with many attributes:

  • Put down your controllers and use your own hands by simply clapping twice.
  • Through your wristwatch pull up your special tablet and explore different elements.
  • Come into contact with our receptionists and ask them any question, and they will respond immediately.
  • Visit multiple floors, have a look at our offices and people, and meet/talk with others wherever they are.
  • Have a stroll around and see our landscape, inside and outside.
  • Upload the documents you’d like to use during a meeting and present them on the board.
  • Share your documents to the meeting attendees to reflect post-meeting.
  • Use the board market to elaborate on your points and use sticky notes for quicker note taking.
  • Call and text others within HQ to find them and meet up.
  • Pull up your calendar to know your scheduled meetings.
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HQ Achievements

  • Reducing carbon emissions from considerable to negligible, untraceable, amounts.
  • Unlimited meeting time and space at any given time.
  • Intelligence-driven, digitally supported.
  • Maximized security and privacy.
  • Globalizing everyone under one roof.
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