Embodying Hylman as how we see it,

Future of



one, near, world

We believe that the world of tomorrow should be very near, open, and accessible today. By accelerating our footsteps towards the future and the fact that innovation only goes up from there, transformation is inevitable.

We have ideated and produced this world that connects everyone and everything within one place with the purpose of disrupting the industry and revolutionizing the experience, operations and delivery in our line of work.

When the real and virtual world collide, we are at the brink of this disruption that will allow us to be everywhere from anywhere while maintaining our natural habits as humans.

Presenting ourselves

who we are,
and how we do it

Led by Hassan and Yaman Al-Shama, the Hylman Group is an international company that seeks to continuously innovate, transform, and grow across all possible fields while ENABLING our clients to overcome all the challenges, avoid the numerous pitfalls, and accomplish the milestones to attain the same objective.


Inviting everyone, from

guests to clients to consultants to our teams,

in the world of Hylman

Every stakeholder, whether a guest, client, consultant, or core team member, has a spot in this world.



to meeting us, and us meeting you

Our team in Europe, but you’re in North America? Not to worry anymore. When video conferencing does not do the trick anymore, we can see you and you see us in the world, present and discuss, collaborate, sign papers, and live the full real-life experience from where you are.


tthe East meet the West,
and the West meet the East

In such a global and diverse landscape spanning from the East to the West, the only way to maintain a steady and proper flow of business is to be near and working with each other.

Localizing the World

within our fingertips

From the comfort of where you are, all you need to do is put on your device and jump in. That’s all. Localizing worldwide offices under one ‘virtual’ roof.

Join us in embodying the future