Infrastructure Surrounded by a

“Breathing“ Environment

In both reality and virtually, Hylman pursues a greener, breathing, environment setting a landscape of green, surviving, sustainable, and life friendly.

Our commitment

to the environment
ISO 14001

Certified with ISO 14001:2015, HYLMAN is officially committed to environmental sustainability through HYLMAN’s sustainability action plan (SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-limited) as per internationally best industry practices and renowned standards.

A representation of our intention for the

Betterment of this world

HQ HYLMAN represents our best intentions to make the world a better, more connected, place for everyone.

A goal for


Colleague in New York and the other in Hong Kong? Can’t find the best time for the board meeting? Meeting rooms or venues are disturbingly inappropriate sometimes? Put everyone in one room and communicate now.

Lower emissions,
higher reward

By centralizing who we are, we take charge towards lower emissions and safeguarding the environment of yesterday’s obsolete ways. Key: Higher rewards for everyone and everything around us.


climate change

through best practices

With our best industry practices and quality based Environmental Management Systems, everything that we do has a priority towards establishing sturdy defense against climate change.


promise to the world -
a social responsibility

We have a social duty to ensure everyone meets commercial expectations and growth while driving sustainability in the green environment.

Join our battle against

climate change.

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